child’s play


“the interval between things “

“the night wind sings”

Tiny black box

“night will fall”

“whenever I opened my eyes”

“in the left corner at the back of the room”

mother’s wardrobe

“whatever it is”

“it has never been this hour

“in the vague shadows”

childhood trees

“have you ever had that feeling”

“the morning sun shone”

“As I said”

"And now I'm here, as you see"

the family

 ‘Without knowing’

“earlier that morning”

“last night after dinner”

“unless you’re here”

 evening image

“everything and nothing”

“depending how you look”

“the silence that follows”

“something pretended to exist”

”all i sought”


“i have no way of knowing”

“time was not passing …”

“no matter what”

“they had left the woods”

“eleven o’clock had come and gone”

“i was living someone else’s life”

 evening scene

the Chinese cupboard

“the faint smell of damp earth and wet wood”

“just after four o’clock”

“and again, perhaps”

travel altar, all things fade

“only i know”

“it was one of those moments”

“with each drop”

“the world is full of lonely things”

Childhood backyard

“there are certain meanings”

“nothing is built on stone”

“surely, she said”

“on a wednesday afternoon they left”

“there’s nothing remarkable”

“all they thought”


“anything could happen”

“just beyond the edges”